The Principle And Process Of High Precision Plane Grinding And Polishing

- Apr 12, 2018-

High precision plane grinding and polishing is the use of free granular abrasive on the workpiece surface and the base surface of the grinding disc relative motion, making the workpiece surface very high smoothness and smoothness, the workpiece fixed no strong clamp, vacuum, magnets, only naturally placed on the grinding disc, the base can be suitable for processing any metal and non gold. The material of the workpiece, without the mandatory clamping and the rigid grinding of the general grinding machine, reducing the impact and heat generated by secondary deformation, more conducive to high precision and high finish processing. Even an experienced operator can easily get the best 0.2um flatness and Ra0.02um roughness.


The flatness of the workpiece depends on the flatness of the grinder. With the deepening of the processing field and the increasing demand for precision and efficiency, "WEIANDA" has developed from cast iron plate, synthetic disc, copper plate, pure tin plate, resin disk to the diamond plate, and through various methods to repair the plate to the best of 2um.


The surface roughness depends on the size and shape of abrasive particles and the material of the millstone, as well as the material and hardness of the workpiece.

Coarse grinding:

Grinding with coarse grained abrasives on grinding and workpiece surfaces has large feed rate and high efficiency, but the rough grinding surface is suitable for grinding much more work.

Medium mill:

Grinding with medium grain abrasives on grinding and workpiece surfaces has the advantages of fast feed rate, high efficiency and moderate surface roughness, which is suitable for grinding general workpieces.

Fine grinding:

The abrasive with finer graininess is used to grind the workpiece and the workpiece surface. The grinding quantity is small, the surface finish is good, and the grinding marks are even and fine.

Soft polishing:

A special material polishing pad or polished cloth is installed on the grinding disc, and the polishing material moves between the polishing pad or the polished cloth to make the workpiece with the same high gloss as the hard polishing.

Hard polishing:

The surface of the workpiece is high precision and high degree of smoothness like a mirror, by adding a very high density base surface, such as synthetic disk, copper plate, tin plate and resin disk, to the micron diamond abrasive.