The Effect Of Hydraulic Press On Industry

- Apr 12, 2018-

The effect of the hydraulic press on industry is an important sign. The role of hydraulic industry in the national economy is very large. It can often be used as an important symbol to measure the level of a country's industry. Compared with the main industrial countries in the world, the hydraulic industry of our country is still quite backward. The standardized work needs to be done well. The work of high quality must form the momentum. The intelligent work is just ready to start, so we must catch up in a hurry to catch up. It is foreseeable that, in order to meet the needs of national economic development, hydraulic technology will continue to develop rapidly, and it is more and more widely used in various sectors of industry and industry. From the basic situation and development trend of the hydraulic equipment industry, we can see that the hydraulic components will develop to high performance, high quality, high reliability and complete set direction, and develop to low energy consumption, low noise, low vibration, leakage, pollution control and application of water based medium. High power density, intelligent, mechanical and electrical integration and small and small minitype hydraulic components, and new technology, new materials and electronic and sensing technology are adopted.

Combined with a continuous improvement, from simple assembly to the overall combination, a variety of forms of independent products, such as digital hydraulic pumps, digital valves, digital hydraulic cylinders, etc., have been developed into a programmable chip and hydraulic control elements, hydraulic actuators or energy devices to detect feedback devices. A combination of digital analog conversion devices, integrated circuits, and so on. This combined connection can achieve a predetermined task as long as it receives information sent by a microprocessor or microcomputer. In order to transmit as much power as possible in the smallest possible space, the structure of hydraulic components is constantly developing to miniaturization. A new type of executive element is called "tendon" in the market. Its shape is like a hose with a joint at both ends. When the system is connected to the system, its radial and axial direction will stretch, and the axial expansion can reach its total length of 15%--30%. Under the same conditions, its force is 10 times larger than that of a common cylinder. This element is resistant to pollution, does not shake when moving, and in some cases it can be used with its radial expansion to hold the workpiece. It is a very promising component, and the micro element has also been developed.