Operation And Maintenance Regulations Of Hydraulic Press Machine

- Apr 12, 2018-

Compliance with safety operation is a necessary condition for prolonging the life of equipment and ensuring safety in production. Therefore, we must first be familiar with the structural performance and characteristics of the machine, and work conscientiously according to the operation rules of the equipment.

1, it is forbidden to start the machine without knowing the structure, performance and operation rules of the machine. Before work, the lubricating oil should be injected first to the slider and the column.

2, during the working process, it is forbidden to repair and adjust the die.

3. When it is found that there are more serious oil leaks or other anomalies (such as unreliable action, noise, vibration, etc.), we should stop the analysis of the causes, try to eliminate it, and do not bring diseases into production.

4, not to wear or exceed the maximum eccentricity. The eccentricity is 40mm.

5, it is strictly prohibited to exceed the maximum stroke of the slider. The minimum height of the mold closure should not be less than 450mm.

6. The grounding of electrical equipment must be firm and reliable.

7, according to the technological requirements of pressing parts, start motor, regulate the pressing pressure and height.

8, adjust the travel limit device, check whether the speed of seed selection meets the requirements.

9. Measurement of pressure protection performance. That is to say, after the pressure is stopped, the pressure drop is less than 20mm for lO minutes.