One Customer In Foshan Bought Our Machines Again

- Aug 03, 2018-


This is one of our best partner who bought sink top santin and side satin machines from us before.Nowadys,the factory's products that brushed by our machines are very popular among his cutomers in the US and Europe.He wants to increase productivities by using more machines while with same amount of employees.

Our satin machines are very popular among customers who fabricate brushed sinks to the US and Europe.All machines are installed with CNC or PLC controls which help machines brush kitchen sinks automatically.The machine operator only needs to change sinks and push buttons.And the daily capacity would be 200 pieces for one set of satin machines.

Here are some videos of how satin machine brush kitchen sinks:

1.Stainless steel kitchen sink top satin machine:

2.Stainless steel kitchen sink side satin machine:

3.Stainless steel kitchen sink botton satin machine:

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