Indian Customer Visited Us Yesterday

- Aug 09, 2018-

Mr Yash who was born in Sudan and back to India after he graduted.Normally he purchased sinks from India and China then sell in Sudan.Now he wanted to open his own plant in Sudan.Since Sudan government really want more and more industires invest there,they charge no custom for machines and row materials but more than 50% for imported finished products.Also Sudan government would provide three-year free electricity and other energies for new established factories to encourage more and more people to open factories there.

Mr Yash wanted to purchse all machines for pressed sinks,which includes blanking machine,hydraulic press,moulds,bending machine,cutting machine,coating machine and polishing machines which we can all manufacturer.

If you are interested in any machines,please contact us:

Kelvin Lau

MP/Whatsapp:    +8615989109771