How To Make Four Column Hydraulic Press Reduce Work Cost?

- Apr 12, 2018-

As a medium-sized equipment, the electric energy consumption of the four column hydraulic press is also remarkable. Many manufacturers try to save energy and save energy as much as possible and reduce the cost of work when the functions and equipment of the four column hydraulic press are guaranteed. If we want a four column hydraulic press to save energy and electricity, where will it start? Today, Xiaobian brings you the answer to this question. Next, let Xiaobian tell you about the energy saving way of four column hydraulic press.

The power consumption of the hydraulic oil pump accounts for more than 97% of the total power consumption of the whole hydraulic press, so reducing its power consumption is the key to the energy saving of the hydraulic press. The pressure and flow of the hydraulic press are changed in the stages of rapid downlink, slow down, pressure protection, pressure relief, piston ejection, piston return, and top out of the buffer cylinder. When the oil demand of the hydraulic press changes, the pressure and flow of the load are adjusted by the overflow valve located at the outlet of the oil pump, and the output power of the motor is not. Change, resulting in a waste of energy.

The variable frequency speed regulating device consists of rectifier circuit, filter circuit, inverter circuit and control circuit. Its function is to rectify and filter AC power through rectifying link and convert into AC power of different frequency to motor through inverting link. Therefore, the motor of the hydraulic oil pump can be operated at different speeds. In addition, according to the theory of oil pump, the calculation formula of output flow Q of oil pump is as follows:

Q=2[PI (R2-r2) - (R-r) S * Z/COS theta]B x N10-6

The radius of the R- blade, the short radius of the r- stator

The axial width of the B- rotor of the thickness of the S- blade

The inclination angle of the Z- blade number theta - the relative radius of the blade

The rotational speed N of the motor rotor of the oil pump can be changed from the upper formula to change the output flow Q, that is, the oil pump oil flow rate is proportional to the speed of the oil pump motor, and the speed N of the motor rotor of the oil pump is changed by the synchronous signal of the hydraulic press to automatically control the output frequency of the frequency conversion and energy saving speed control device. The power consumption of the oil pump motor is realized. It is approximately three square relations with its speed, that is, the power consumption power of the oil pump motor P=P '(N' /N) 3. If the rated power of the hydraulic pump motor is 55KW, when the speed drops to the 4/5 of the original speed, the power consumption is 28.16KW and the power saving is 48.8%. When the speed drops to the original speed 1/2, the power consumption is only 6.875KW and the power saving is 87.5%, So that the oil pump load has obvious power saving effect (including: P '=55KW, N' /N=4/5 and N '/N=1/2).