How Is The Heating In The Post - Electric Annealing Furnace Operating?

- Apr 12, 2018-

Although the annealing furnace manufacturer will install the furnace equipment before the delivery user, the temperature, the conveyor belt speed and so on are set well, with the instructions of the use of the annealing equipment and the operation training for the production operators. In some more emphasis on the furnace heating three steps, after the annealing furnace after debugging, if need to use when the user can switch on the control cabinet after the air switch on the cabinet to open the power security button, although then the opening of a district, two areas, three areas... Power safety button can.

If the anneal oven doesn't work for a long time, it will start at the beginning (Sheng Wen), then the next operation can be carried out.

1, in the control cabinet within the air switch on the counter after turn on the power button.

2, after opening one, two and three zones respectively, the power button switch is installed.

3, set the thermograph at 200 degrees for 6 hours, then set it at 500 degrees for 4 hours, then set it at 800 degrees for 2 hours, then it can be loaded.