Technical knowledge of annealing furnace

- Apr 12, 2018-

Introduction of technical knowledge of annealing furnace

Application: this well type spheroidizing annealing furnace is suitable for bright annealing and tempering of steel strip, copper strip and wire rod. At the same time, it is also used for heat treatment of other parts.

Two. The main technical parameters:

1, rated power: 280KW + 10% 2, rated voltage: 380V 3, rated temperature: 950 C 4, use temperature: 0-950 centigrade 5, frequency: 50HZ 6, 3 phase 7, working size: diameter 1800 * 3000mm 8, air furnace heating time: less than 1.5h 9, air furnace loss power: 44KW, temperature control zone, control mode: P I D minorities The furnace temperature uniformity: + 10 C 13, connection method: Y 14, the maximum loading amount: 5000kg three, furnace type structure: the well type spheroidizing annealing furnace is composed of furnace body, furnace lining, heating element, furnace bile, and control system and other accessories.

1. The furnace body is made by welding the national standard steel and the steel plate into a drum. The angle steel coil is strengthened, the channel steel base is strong, and the structure is firm.

The refractory material of furnace lining furnace is super lightweight refractory brick, and the lining is insulated by aluminum silicate fiber blanket and perlite powder, and the cover of the furnace is filled with vermiculite powder filled with aluminizing adiabatic box.

Heating element electric heating element is made of 0Cr25AL5 resistance wire in Shougang and suspended in three areas, which is arranged on the brick around the furnace. It is very convenient to install and maintain. The vacuum furnace liner is made of aluminized steel rolled and welded, the thickness is 14mm, and the aluminizing tank has a sealed knife, which is sealed by Xihe sand. The cover of furnace gall is made of 25mm carbon steel plate.

(4) the control system of this well type spheroidizing annealing furnace adopts temperature control thermocouple and Shanghai national dragon intelligent digital display temperature control instrument to control the temperature. The temperature control instrument can be controlled according to the set temperature, and can display the theoretical value and the measured value, and the temperature control system also has the ultra temperature sound and light alarm function. The temperature record is recorded by the Shanghai Dahua long temperature recorder, and the furnace temperature is recorded. The thermocouple is K type. The furnace temperature measuring compensation conductor is connected to the thermocouple of the furnace body by the instrument cabinet, and is supplied by the supplier. The control execution system adopts high-power thyristor zero trigger system, equipped with radiator and a full set of air cooling system. At the same time, it is equipped with automatic air switch and fast melting device for two level protection. The electric heating elements of each group are set up ampere meter, voltmeter and on-off indication of the electric heating element, which have the measures of energizing cascading protection and safe grounding.