Sink process

- Apr 12, 2018-

As far as the tank Market is concerned, there are three kinds of stamping (also called overall drawing or joint stretching), roll welding (also called bottom welding) and butt welding. Roll welding and butt welding are all welding basins.

The most common in the market is the rolling welding process. This process is mainly to stretch two single slot bodies, then press a panel, weld the two slots on the panel, and then make the grinding treatment. In the process, the requirement for the drawing equipment is low, and the hydraulic equipment generally within 500 tons can be produced. However, the requirements for welding and grinding process are relatively high. The general domestic brands usually adopt artificial rolling welding, artificial grinding, and the combination of tank and panel is relatively rough and often has virtual welding. Imported brands are using CNC welding and CNC grinding, eliminate the weld seams, polished very smooth and beautiful.

The advantages of roll welding process are: 1, the shape of the tank panel can be diversified, the cost of the factory production die is less (the tank die can be shared); 2, the slots panel can be made of raw material or embossing material, beautiful and generous. 3, we can make a small R slot, close to the square, and have greater use of space.

The disadvantages of roll welding are: 1. Welding process is harmful to stainless steel, easy to break the austenitic molecular structure of stainless steel and reduce corrosion resistance. 2, welding and polishing technology is highly demanding, and ordinary equipment is difficult to be qualified.  3, the material waste is big and the cost is high.

The whole drawing process (also called integral stretch) is a process of directly forming two slots on a piece of material through a combined die. The technological process is relatively simple, but the requirement for equipment and mold is high, and the drawing equipment needs more than 600 tons, even up to 1000 tons. In both single and double grooves, the tensile strength of the process is generally divided into two times, but the overall tensile strength needs a high temperature solution treatment in the middle of the two drawing. Solid solution treatment (also called annealing treatment) is an important process for stainless steel processing. It is a process by which austenitic stainless steel (commonly known as 304 or 316) is heated to 1050 degrees -1100 degrees and then cooled quickly.

The change of austenite molecular structure caused by stainless steel processing or high temperature welding will increase stress (too rigid) and reduce corrosion resistance.  Solid solution treatment can solve this problem well, restore the material to original performance, and restore its ductility and corrosion resistance. In fact, stainless steel must be processed after cold rolling. (someone said, "after this treatment, the steel will become weaker and the hardness of the flume will be reduced." this idea is wrong.

The advantages of the whole drawing process are: 1, saving materials and cost saving. 2, from the design modeling, we can produce special-shaped flume, beautiful and generous. 3, there is no soldering and solid solution treatment to improve the performance of stainless steel. The disadvantages are: 1, the investment cost of the sink mold is high; 2, the surface treatment is difficult, and it is not easy to make embossing, drawing and other surfaces. 3. The R angle of the tank can not be limited by the technology.

The butt welding process is to stretch two single grooves, cut two sides, and then weld them together, and then form the whole panel. The drawing equipment is required to be welded with the weld pool, and argon arc welding is used for the tailor welded equipment. This process is also very demanding for welding and grinding. The domestic manufacturers use poor equipment and the thickness of the materials is thin, so the weld can not be treated well. So it is often seen that there are weld marks on the middle beam in the middle of the two grooves. A good brand is Canadian crown, and it is hard to see the weld surface with mirrors. The domestic market is mainly for the low-end market, and the price is low. The advantage is that the price is low, the technology is simple, and the drawback is the lack of aesthetics.

The three processes complement each other, the mainstream of the two processes each has a thousand years, in fact, in the design of the tank, some are suitable for rolling and welding process production, some are suitable for the overall drawing process production, for consumers for their own is the best. On the market now, there are many kinds of paint with different colors and different materials on the bottom of some flume, claiming to be able to prevent sweat and moisture absorption. In fact, the main purpose of spraying the coating on the bottom of the sink is to prevent temperature difference condensation, protect the cabinet, and reduce the noise of falling water at the same time. It is only a minor function or different statement to absorb the water. The quick-frozen food is put into the sink or spring and summer wet weather. Because of the low temperature of the sink, the water vapor will agglutinate the pelvic floor to form water droplets. Drops of water will cause the cupboard to wet.  Spraying a suitable coating on the bottom of the sink may reduce or even eliminate the temperature difference, destroy the formation of water beads, the quality coating has a certain moisture absorption function, and protects the cupboard from water. But in the market, the bottom of the sink is mostly ordinary paint, and it doesn't absorb moisture, and its anti dew function is not large. It's just empty.

The importance of choosing a good sink

The sink is the heart of the kitchen. According to statistics, the utilization rate of all kinds of appliances and flume is the highest in the kitchen. In the pre meal preparation and cleaning work, more than 65% of the time directly related to the sink, so the selection of a beautiful, good performance, clean clean water tank for the construction of a comfortable and warm kitchen is very important.