Prevention method of oil leakage in pipe valve of hydraulic press

- Apr 12, 2018-

There are more than ten kinds of pipe valves commonly used in hydraulic press. Occasionally there will be oil leakage or oil running. Then how does this happen?

All valves enter the factory and hydraulic press manufacturers need different levels of water pressure test.

It is necessary for the valve to fail to repair, so it is necessary to grind.

During the over repair process, it is necessary to check carefully whether or not to increase the packing and packing gland tightening.

Before the valve is necessary, it is necessary to check whether there are dirt, sand and iron oxide in the valve. If there is any above, it is necessary to clean up and install.

All valves must be equipped with corresponding gaskets before the installation.

It is necessary to tighten the fastening parts when the flange door is installed. When tightening the flange bolts, it is necessary to tighten them in symmetrical direction.

In the process of the valve device, all valves are essential to correct system, pressure device, stop the disorder, mixed. For this reason, all valves must be numbered and recorded according to the system.

2 avoid oil leakage, oil leakage system

It is necessary to carefully check and sort out the system with oil storage tank before the device.

It is necessary to carry out water pressure test for equipment with cold oil device.

For oil pipeline system, we also need to do water pressure test and pickling operation.

In the process of oil pipeline device, all flanges or threaded joints must be equipped with oil resistant rubber gaskets or oil resistant asbestos pads.

The leakage point of the oil system is mainly gathered on the flange and the threaded joint, so it is necessary to tighten the bolts even when the flange is installed. Avoid tight or tight episodes.

In the process of oil filtration, the construction personnel need to stick to their work time and prevent from job and gang posts.

It is necessary to shut down the filter unit when replacing the filter paper.

It is necessary to bind the joint with lead wire to avoid the phenomenon of jumping oil after the oil filter is running for a long time when the device is temporarily received (high strength plastic flexible hose).

Assign a strong construction worker to watch the operation of oil filter.

Before the oil cycle of the auxiliary oil system starts, the engineering department will arrange for a specific technical disclosure for the personnel who serve as auxiliary engine oil circulation.

3 avoid equipment and fittings with blister, run, dripping and leaking

Flange gaskets for 2.5Mpa and above are metal surround pads.

1.0Mpa-2.5Mpa flange gasket, asbestos pad, and brushing the black powder.

1.0Mpa in the sewer pipe flange gasket with rubber pad and painted black powder.

The root of the pump is used for the composite coil of tetrafluorofiber.

The sealing part of the smoke and wind coal pipeline is used for asbestos rope to twist well and flat to join the joint at the same time, so as to prevent the strength of the screws from being tightened up.

4 avoid valve leakage

For pipeline construction, it is necessary to establish good quality awareness, consciously finishing oxide scale and inner wall of pipes, leaving no sundries, so as to ensure clean inner wall of pipelines.

First of all, it is necessary to ensure that the valves entering the field need 100% water pressure experiments.

The grinding of the valve should be carried out carefully, and all valves (except for the entrance valve) are required to be sent to the grinding class to see the grinding inspection and repair, and to carry out the duties. The valve should be an important list of breakdown of level two inspection, be stamped, stamping, do record requirements.

The first water gate and the discharge door of the boiler should be determined early. In the water pressure experiment, only the valves are open, the other valves shall not be open at will, and the valve core is protected.

When the pipeline is washed, it should be opened in a large and light way to avoid damage to the door core.