How to use buffing machine

- Aug 15, 2018-

1. Use only polishes, waxes, and other buffing products specifically designed-and    designated-"for machine buffing." Almost all are liquids, not pastes or waxes.    

2. Use only buffing pads or bonnets recommended for the buffing products you    use. There are two types of conventional wool buffing pads: cutting pads,    used with slightly abrasive polishes to remove oxidation and scratches, and    finishing pads, used with non-abrasive wax, to remove swirl marks left by    the cutting pad and to create a final mirror-like finish.    

3.If you buff with several different products, use a separate buffing pad    for each. Change or clean pads frequently to avoid abrasive buildup of the    buffing product.    

4.Buff only a small area of the finish at a time- an area about 2 feet x 2    feet.    


Never buff a vehicle's finish with the buffing pad alone (dry). Always buff    using a buffing product.