Four points advantage of Cast Iron Annealing Furnace

- Apr 12, 2018-

Cast iron annealing furnace is the most widely used iron smelting equipment, simple operation and low energy consumption. In many heat treatment furnaces, cast iron annealing furnace is used by more and more factories. Then cast iron annealing furnace is widely used in four aspects:

1, energy saving advantage.

The short chimney on the top of the cast iron annealing furnace is easy to make heat exchangers, so that the combustion supporting air needed for combustion is preheated, so as to improve the thermal efficiency.

2, structural advantages.

The cast iron annealing furnace does not need to rely on the pumping force of the chimney, only the iron chimney, which is about 2 meters above the top of the furnace, can be used to save the investment of the flue and chimney, and the furnace installation is not restricted by the position of the flue, and the process flow is arranged more reasonably.

3. Combustion characteristics.

The cast iron annealing furnace is usually installed at the top. For the medium and large reheating furnace, the burner is installed on both sides. In order to make the furnace temperature uniform, the high speed burner should be selected. The burner used for heating usually does not use the fully automatic Mechatronics burner, and the automatic split burner is used, which is beneficial to the high speed flame and the flexible process. Control.

4, clean advantage.

The clean advantage of the cast iron furnace can minimize the impact of the emissions on the environment. This advantage can be made directly into the plant without affecting the workshop production environment.