Factors to be taken into consideration for the selection and purchase of a polishing machine

- Apr 12, 2018-

Under the premise of meeting all requirements, the following requirements should be considered for the polishing machine.

1, reasonable selection, light quality and low cost.

2, the structure is reasonable, the craft is good, it is easy to make the side. The polishing machine is generally the big part. The wool pressure is usually made by the comanufacture city. Therefore, the technological requirement of the casting welding must be considered when the frame is set up, and the processing technology of the machine must also be considered.

3, the structure design leather facilitates the installation, adjustment, repair and replacement of parts on the rack.

4, transportation is convenient. The design of the polishing machine must consider the section that can be used from the processing site to the place of use. For super long and super large polishing machine, it can be divided into several parts. After being used most, it will be connected by means of exploration or capture.